• Combo 1.

    "Tiger One ($75)"
  • Combo 2.

    "Royal Tiger ($85)"
  • Combo 3.

    "Amazing Oil ($95)"
  • Combo 4.

    "Body Healing ($115)"

Combo 1 : Tiger One ($75)

90 Mins : Body Stretching & whole body massage with special tiger balm, combine a foot reflexology to promote blood flow in your feet and body. (There is No essential oil contain)

Combo 2 : Royal Tiger ($85)

90 Mins : Pressure Point & Body Stretching with whole body massage, Gently relaxation your body and foot reflexology afterward. (There is contain essential oil.)

Combo 3 : Amazing Oil ($95)

90 Mins : Relaxing after a hard day with an essential oil massage therapy to whole body. Massage slowly and gentle to induce an amazing relaxation, starting from your head and gently massage to your legs and toes.

Combo 4 : Body Healing ($115)

90 Mins : Whole body strong and firm massage with an essential oil, Massaging more quickly but deeply to induce stimulation and relaxation your whole body. A touch healing to your feet helps body releasing stress.