Baan Thai Massage

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Amazing Oil

(90 Mins)


Relaxing after a long day with an essential oil massage therapy to the whole body. Slowly and gentle massage to induce an amazing relaxation and finishing off with the foot reflexology

Amazing Hot Stone

(90 Mins)


This message contains essential oil. Using the hot stone apply to stimulate the circulation and increase the blood flow to the body. Smoothing and relaxing your tiredness and fatigue muscles with the heated hard rock along the body line is amazing to reduce stress and insomnia.

Body Healing

(90 Mins)


Massaging the whole body with the strong and firm pressure on Sportsperson or/and focusing on the area that requires reflexibility of muscles to regain functional. Finishing off with the foot reflexology to release the sore feet.

Healing Hot Stone

(90 Mins)


To smoothing your tight and sore muscles all over the body with relaxing essential oil and heated hot stone.

This massage would release the tension of muscles, reducing pain and stiffness of muscles from the long hours of work and activities. Heated Hot Stone would bring back your energy and healing improve the strength of your muscles.